House Renovation // Jolliffe Road, West Wittering


This 3 bedroom family house was originally built in 1989. This red brick house is fairly close to the seafront and gets a fair beating from the weather. The house currently has wooden window frames, wood front door, clay tiles, red bricks (no weatherproof cladding), a garden laid to grass with big borders, and a layout that doesn’t their lifestyle.


The homeowner is wanting a complete refurbishment, change of layout, plus more space which we will create with a rear extension, a front roof dormer, and also a garden room out the back.

Starting outside we will create:

  • new front porch
  • resin driveway – this allows for water to permeate through it whilst creating a flat sleek modern look
  • aluminium frame doors/windows with coloured frames
  • spanish slate tiles
  • weather proof cladding (hardy plank in light mist)

Inside we are planning:

  • two extra bedrooms – one will be created by converting the garage and utilising this space
  • layout change
  • existing kitchen will be changed to a tv/cinema room
  • open plan kitchen  – the space for this will be created by an 3.5 x 10m rear extension
  • underfloor heating across the whole downstairs
  • upgrade the boiling and heating system
  • new electrics plan throughout
  • front dormer to open up the upstairs

And finally in the garden we will create:

  • a garden room – this will have full electrics, radiators, solar panels on the roof, plus a roof light for extra light


Finished Interior

The house is very near completion, and we only have a few outside landscaping jobs to complete.

The driveway has been resin bound, with granite set edges, leading to a large slate entrance to the house. The cladding is all by ‘Hardy Linear’ and is very hardwearing in this seaside environment. The windows are made by ‘Rationale’ and actually wood inside with a 3mm alu capping which can be unclipped and changed in the future to be resprayed a different colout. Have a browse through the latest photos of the interior.

Completed Garden Room

This project is now complete and here are the final photos of the garden and garden room. The homeowners will be choosing the planting their own flowers/plants in the custom planters with slates tops we have made.