Part House Renovations – Bracklesham Bay


  • Fit new kitchen
  • Paint whole house
  • Build a wet-room bathroom
  • Fit new flooring & skirting
  • Install outside shower


We started the project by building a wet-room bathroom – it was a slightly tricky build as the space was small and we wanted to maximise the shower space. We sourced the smallest toilet on the market and build a clever basin stand with integrated storage – thus allowing for the largest shower and large glass screen.

Then in the kitchen we fitted a mid range Howdens kitchen, and also built in a concealed laundry cupboard to hide away all the white goods.

To finish off the project we fitted laminate flooring and skirting boards throughout the downstairs, and then installed an outside shower (which comes with a long garnet against salt corrosion for this seaside location)

And finally, here are a few words from the happy owners:

“Ian and his team renovated our 3 bedroom house in Bracklesham Bay. We bought the house from an old lady and, as you can see from the pictures, the decoration had not been interior hadn’t been touched since the 70s.
Inside Out is much more than some builders to take on your project. They have a huge wealth of experience and gave us advice and ideas at each stage of the work.

During the project, my wife was pregnant with our second child and we desperately needed to finish quickly so that we had somewhere to live!
We are really happy with the finished result! We have a lovely, open-plan living room / kitchen with a huge surface and loads of storage space – in fact as I write this, I am sat at our new breakfast bar.

The entire house has been re-floored and redecorated and we have a great new downstairs wet-room, ideal for coming straight in from the beach.
The work was finished in less time than we had planned and we managed to move in a week before the baby came. We will definitely be using Inside Out Lifestyle in the future!”